Eventually involving millions of Fourth Transition Businesses globally and billions of people in new, sustainable ways of living & working – resulting in renewed prosperity representing over €5 Trillion/year

Our logo says it all. Since we parted company from the chimps, some 6 million years ago, there have been 3 main Transitions: (1) hunting & gathering, (2) farming & biomass-based empires and (3) fossil fuels-based global industrialisation. Our world is now passing through its thermodynamic peak and is on track to self-destruction. Achieving the Fourth Transition, away from collapse, is the defining business opportunity of the 21st century. It supersedes all others. It is also an existential necessity.


  1. Since late 2019, we know for sure that global warming will overshoot 2ºC, even if global greenhouse emissions stopped overnight and, meanwhile, our world is already losing its thermodynamic foundations. We call this the Energy Seneca. It encompasses the Climate Emergency and all other related ecological, social, and financial catastrophes in the making. The Energy Seneca is big enough to have broken down our world as we know it by 2040, with much loss of life and wealth…
  2. Unless 19TW of power are replaced with “Something-else” over about 20 years. This is the real emergency. Something like this has never been done before.* “Something-else” means technologies other than current fossil or nuclear-based technologies or current so-called “renewables” – neither can be successfully used to address the Energy Seneca and world-scale deployment of “renewables” stand to make things far worse.
  3. Impotence of all current limited efforts to combat the Climate Emergency – energy & ecological transitions strategies and plans, “Green New Deals”, and all. In the face of the Energy Seneca, if implemented, they will be at best ineffectual and, in fact, stand to make things far worse.
  4. “Something-else” means new ways of accessing and using energy that are safe, secure, affordable, attractive, sustainable, 100% based on the direct solar influx, and profitable for all involved – replacing existing wealth (all fossil-based), mostly bound to vanish over the next 10 years under the Energy Seneca, with unprecedented new forms of sustainable prosperity and new wealth.
  5. Fourth Transition integrates the already available core knowledge, expertise, skills, experience & technology components that are required to address the Energy Seneca with “Something-else”, in the nick of time. Our first objective is to demonstrate what can be achieved at record speed as a “Middle Way” that is neither “business-as-usual” (BAU) nor the present, lethal, “renewables” mirage
    * 1TW (TeraWatt) is the total installed electrical power of the USA; 19TW is BIG: all world electrical power, plus all forms of transport, on land, sea and by air, plus at all cement, steel mills, refineries, etc., world-wide.