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Introducing 4T People

4th Transition Ltd is a cutting edge wealth creation business that
addresses global warming by redefining how we access & use energy

• Recently established in Ireland by its 1st founder, Dr Louis Arnoux

• Bringing together an international team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists mustering over 50
years’ experience in Wealth creation & management, Market & Technology intelligence, Cutting edge energy
technology development, Technology marketing & Licensing – together they form a highly proactive task force
mastering accelerated technology development, minimising costs and lead times to market

• Developing relationships with 5 universities & institutes in Ireland & abroad

• Leverages a substantial body of prior R&D in which Dr Arnoux was involved and/or ran,
with funding in the order of €50 Million

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Dr Louis Arnoux, NZ, FR,
IRL, 4T Founder:

Engineer & Scientist – Main inventor of the nGeni class of technologies – Catalyst for the 4th Transition Initiative – over 50 years experience in energy, transport, communications, infrastructures, and disruptive developments – English-French bilingual

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Jason Wood, AU, CZ, Electrical engineer, physicist

MD @ nGeni Australia manufacturing and project management experience in AU and CH, in energy, data systems, robotics and fintech

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Jesse Bywater, CA

Chairman, Cool Planet Foundation (Stichting), extremely experienced and successful educator, private investor with a focus on sustainability

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Thomas Yapo, FR,

20 years experience in FRF, US & Africa in wealth creation & renewable energy technology

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Sam Matic, CA, Elect.
& Electronics Engineer

25 years exp. with Fortune 500 Cos, oil & gas, power generation, automotive

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Tim Clarke, IRL,
Bioenergy Eng

20 years experience in IRL, UK, FR, India, NZ, Biogas & Gasification

About | Fourth Transition Ltd

Nick Bright, USA,
Engineer, seed funder

Developed over 100 products resulting in $150Bn in sales

Our Aims

The COP25, Madrid, December 2019 achieved nothing significant to finally address the global Climate Emergency. 25 COPs in 25 years and still nothing that could really address the avalanche of challenges encompassed under the Climate Emergency label.

Meanwhile, Australia has already experienced 1.4ºC warming. Its forests have been burning for months, with over 19 M ha destroyed (by 02-02-2020), billions of animals killed, thousands of people having had to be evacuated, at least 34 died, over 6,000 buildings destroyed, air pollution from smoke shot through the roof. Scientists warn that this is a preview of what to expect globally on a regular basis in a world overshooting 2ºC warming…

It’s high time to recognise that present governments, supra-national organisations and mainstream businesses are not equipped and not able to deal with what has become an unprecedented Emergency. There isn’t any time left for this kind of nonsense. ”Something-else” is required, urgently. This is now a matter for pioneers to blaze a trail out of trouble before the narrow remaining time window closes. And the rewards for doing so will be huge.

Where others wring their hands in despair, march endlessly in protests, sue their governments, or remain in denial… we have understood that the only remaining practical way of extricating ourselves from the accelerating avalanche of existential threats that we can no longer avoid is to make it very profitable and attractive to do so, for all stakeholders.

We have found how to change the game in record time in unprecedented profitable ways, thanks to a series of technological, business and financial breakthroughs – without relying on governmental action, carbon or other taxes, heavy handed regulations or subsidies.

This is what Fourth Transition is about – redesigning how we access and use energy, in safe, secure, affordable, profitable and sustainable ways, globally, for everyone.

Heads-up warning

The information on our website may surprise you. It it brings to the fore matters that disrupt numerous preconceptions, taken for granted views and beliefs.

Famous and highly successful venture capitalist Peter Thiel likes to ask:
“What important truth do very few people agree with you on?” *

It is precisely because what we are presenting here is ahead of established but mostly erroneous “wisdom”
that it is of crucial importance.

We can claim to have mustered what is demonstrably the most cutting edge science, technology and market
intelligence world-wide concerning the defining challenge of the 21st century, known as “global warming”, but
encompassing much more – the Energy Seneca.

We also have mustered the technology, skills, experience & expertise required to effectively and profitably
address those matters where others in government & business are failing.

We have endeavoured, to the best of our abilities, to ensure that every single element of what is presented on
this website is backed by strong, well established scientific research, data and analyses. The matters covered are
so serious that there is no room nor time left for any form of speculation.

*Peter Thiel and Blake Masters, 2014, From Zero to One, Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future,

Fourth Transition

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About | Fourth Transition Ltd